Equipping the saints for the work of service to build up the body of Christ (Eph 4:11-12)

“St. Joe’s Jobs,” part of the Catholic Roads apostolate, is an equipping ministry. We help our friends and ministry partners to …

  • Shine light into darkness.
  • Encourage others in challenging times.
  • Connect people to much-needed resources.
  • Help people find good work that blesses them.
  • Sanctify work and the workplace.
  • Pray for spiritual victory and encourage others to pray also.

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No work! Bad work! Work-and-life balance that’s out of whack! Apart from personal health, work poses the biggest challenge to most people today. And why not? Most people spend most of their time in work-related activities (including preparing for work, commuting, and actually being in the workplace). People are most vulnerable where they spend most of their time.

When something goes wrong with work, it affects the whole person. Work and life are related in powerful ways.


The deeper things in life work like this:

  • God calls.
  • We respond.
  • Life happens.

Vocation is the source of our life’s work and the solution for most work-related problems. When God is at the center of our families and careers, we have hope. When we lose sight of Him, we lose our way.

Vocation works because God works! We serve a working God in whose image we were created (Gen 1:27 ).

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Choose life!

We teach a simple process that almost anyone in the pro-life movement can use to help inspire a young woman to decide for life. Ordinary people in local churches, parishes, and ministry groups can do this. The process can be learned quickly and used effectively anywhere by almost anybody.


When a job would make a difference, St. Joe’s Jobs can be the difference!

Look around our website and visit our social media sites. Contact us online at any time with your questions or comments. We’ll get back to you quickly — usually within one work day.

In Christ!