“Would a job make a difference?


Work matters to God. It also matters to a young woman facing a decision between life and abortion.

Jesus learned about work at St. Joseph’s feet in his workshop. Many young women — and men — today don’t have that advantage. They haven’t realized their potential in life yet. They don’t know that the vision of a career and family represents hope that actually extends beyond the span of their lives!

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St. Joe’s Jobs exists to help frontline teams inspire hope in young people facing an unexpected pregnancy. We want young people to see their potential for a great life with a wonderful family and a satisfying career.

The vision for St. Joe’s Jobs is for hope to be the tool that finally makes abortion unthinkable.


Good work is a big piece of that puzzle. Work is a blessing that helps transform career and family into a possible dream.

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Choose life!

We teach a simple process that almost anyone in the pro-life movement can use to help inspire a young woman to decide for life. Ordinary people in local churches, parishes, and ministry groups can do this. The process can be learned quickly and used effectively anywhere by almost anybody.


When a job would make a difference, St. Joe’s Jobs can be the difference!

Look around our website and visit our social media sites. Contact us online at any time with your questions or comments. We’ll get back to you quickly — usually within one work day.

In Christ!