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No work! Bad work! Work—life—balance that’s out of whack! Apart from our personal health, work poses the biggest challenge to people everyday. And why not?

Most people spend most of their time each day in work-related activities (including preparing for work, commuting, and actually being in the workplace). Almost everyone enters a workplace each day. If not your own workplace, odds are, you will enter someone else’s workspace. There’s no avoiding it — work and the workplace are central to society and culture.

The problem with this scenario is that people are most vulnerable where they spend most of their time. And somehow, many of us have adopted the idea that God is not allowed to enter the workplace. They believe that work is a secular activity.

When something goes wrong with work, it affects the whole person and even the whole family. Work and life are related in powerful ways. We need God with us where we spend most of our time each day.

We need God in the workplace!


The deeper things in life work like this:

  • God calls.
  • We respond.
  • Life happens.

Vocation is the source of our life’s work. It is the solution for most of our work-related problems too. When God is at the center of our families and careers, we have hope. When we lose sight of Him, we lose our way. He is the Way and Truth and Life (Jn 14:6).


Vocation works because God works! We serve a working God in whose image we were created (Gen 1:27 ).